World Class Security

It is our mission to protect your data. We take many security precautions to prevent accidental data loss or theft. Communications between Qmulus clients and servers are all encrypted. We employ industry leading security technology, which includes the use of two factor authentication for user access. Your data is completely secure with us.


In transit/At Rest Encryption

Rest assured that your data is always encrypted.

Two factor authentication

Protect user identity with two factor authentication using voicemail, SMS or email.

Single Sign on

Access to Qmulus is disabled automatically for a user that leaves the organization.

Expedient Data Analysis

Statistics for all documents are collected and analyzed during processing, allowing Qmulus to offer email threads/near duplicates, concept identification and word relevancy. These review aids help effectively identify documents that are critical to a case.


Theme Wheel

Tell us what you are looking for and the wheel will find it.

Concept List

Helps users create and structure keyword term lists.

Near Duplicate/Email Threading

Performed upstream during ingestion to save time.

Versatile Remote Collection

Save on costly travel expenses by collecting data remotely via secured connection. Save time and money by avoiding physical media shipments. Data can be processed instantly once a remote collection is complete.


Remote Collection

Options to collect emails, PC files, cloud drives and social media data remotely.

Streamline Process

Data can be collected and processed at the same time.

Reduced Human Error

No more mislabeled media or losses in transit.

User friendly Predictive Coding

While others might try to intimidate you with statistical terms, we break down predictive coding so that our clients can use it comfortably and confidently. We simplify the process. QAR (Qmulus Assisted Review) will accurately and efficiently tag documents.


User Friendly Interface

Start training QAR in less than a minute. The system will lead you through the rest.

Interactive Charts

Determine accuracy and confidence level of the training model at any time.

Efficient and Effective Training

Train QAR by using only a fraction of the data.